I have become a huge fan of podcasts.  What better way to spend downtime in the car than to listen to a podcast that might help you with your business or just life in general.

Today I listened to a podcast from Timbo Reid who interviewed Michelle Bridges.  Initially I thought I would get nothing from it – but wow how wrong I was!!  What did I get from it? JFDI!!

How often do we have an idea for our business but do nothing about it?  You are at a seminar or talking to your peers and a great idea comes to you that could really help your business.  You get back to your office and there are emails to respond to or telephone calls to make.  It is easier to do what you have always done rather than try something different.  Well this is something that should change.

I have lost count of the number of ideas that I have had for this business and ideas for new businesses.  How did my ideas turn out?  I have no idea because I have not implemented any of them.  After the initial rush of adrenaline, I have thought about the ideas but have done nothing about them.  Does this sound familiar.

I wish this podcast had been produced years ago!!  JFDI – it can apply to all aspects of your life – as Michelle Bridges says.  Getting off the couch to exercise, getting up early to learn something new, choosing to eat healthy alternatives rather than processed foods.

So the next time you have an idea that could improve your business – JFDI.  Take the idea and work it through so it can be implemented into your business to make your business better.  Change the habit of doing nothing with your ideas and work to implement them.  JFDI.  Who knows you could have the next Thermomix or Fitbit.  What have you got to lose?  JFDI!!