New Centrelink rules affecting Government age pensions and other benefits


Do you need to take action now?

If you are over 55 and potentially eligible for a Centrelink benefit, you need to read this. You may need to take action.

  • New rules are coming on 1 January 2015 that could reduce your Centrelink benefits. These rules change the way that superannuation-based pensions will affect entitlements to Centrelink benefits that are subject to an income test (such as the age pension).
  • The new rules will only affect those who start receiving their Centrelink benefits after 1 January 2015, or who start or change their superannuation-based pensions after that date.
  • If you may be eligible for both a Centrelink benefit and a superannuation-based pension next year, you may need to take action this year to maximise your Centrelink benefits in the future. It’s important that to consider your own situation before you decide what to do.


We can give you a personalised, expert recommendation to help you consider whether to:

  • start a new superannuation-based pension now; or
  • make changes to an existing superannuation-based pension before the deadline; or
  • apply for Centrelink entitlements that you are not receiving.


These things take time, so it’s important you act now – contact our Centrelink experts on 03 5559 7111.