Cloud Computing

I was demonstrating Xero to a client the other day.  The demonstration tends to be conducted as follows

  • Brief rundown of how Xero works, from the bank feeds, to invoices, payroll and everything in-between
  • Explain how it would benefit the clients business with both time savings and up to date information
  • The ability for business decisions to be made on live data rather than data that is several months old
  • A very brief description of the “cloud”

After going through all this, the clients response was – “I love what Xero can do, I am just not sure that I trust the cloud that much!”

This is a common question that gets raised with computing in the cloud.  What is the cloud?  My definition of the cloud is nothing more than computers located in remote sites that are accessed by the internet.  If you are comfortable enough with using Internet Banking, then you should be comfortable enough to use Xero.  Xero is as secure as any bank, with regular backups that get stored in multiple locations.

The greatest upside with the cloud and the use of Xero is that it can be used from anywhere in the world.  As long as you have internet connection you can access and evaluate your data.  Prior to this you would have to be in the same room as the computer or using very clunky remote desktop software.

Be wary, but don’t be frightened of the “cloud”.

For more information on Xero or the cloud please contact our office to discuss – 03 5559 7111